Specialist advisors for infrastructure, housing and regeneration

We offer a close relationship with a senior industry team, providing independent strategic advice integrated with expert financial modelling

Financial Advisory

Newbridge provides its infrastructure, utilities and renewables clients with a full range of project and corporate finance advice

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Capital Markets

We offer advice to all our clients on the capital markets, including bank and bond finance. Our advice comes from deep understanding of the markets

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Regeneration and Development Consultancy

We provide strategic advice and development management services within the regeneration and housing sectors

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Whilst 'Sustainability' is a term now used when addressing some of the planet's most pressing issues, it's the emergence of ESG in the financial markets which will drive future investment for years to come.

We support our clients to improve transparency, keeping up to speed with industry developments and, where relevant, aligning disclosure which enables debt to be structurally linked to ESG, either through the underlying purpose of the funding or a broader corporate key performance indicator.


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East Anglia One OFTO

Financial Advisory

Financial Advisor

December 2022

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Sanctuary taps its 2.375% 2050 by £150m


Capital Markets

Capital Market Advisor

July 2022

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Sustainable Finance Framework

Sustainable Finance Framework

Capital Markets

Treasury Advisor

April 2022

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Midland Heart sells £75m retained bonds – 1.831% 2050

Midland Heart

Capital Markets

Treasury Advisor

February 2022

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Newbridge Client Datasheet

Newbridge produces a monthly datasheet which provides a mixture of macro and sector specific information for clients specialising in infrastructure and housing

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